Performance Performance the engines' capacity and economy

The ‘window seats’ made from sash window pulled out of buildings and cut to create the form of a fold-down sofa or daybed. An urgently made metal structure that doubles up as a window security grill holds found cushions of differing designs. A functional collage produced from different rooms that have had different uses.

In an idea of everywhere, all buildings as a hotel of sorts. Everyone is residing in some good or bad hotel. Some aspects of the hotel seem to function others are disfunctional in the sense of the services provided.

Paying your way as a resident or tourist. Rent, cleaning, room service, laundry, rates, licences, taxes, entrance fee, service charge.

Walking into a reception room, foyer or front door there maybe a desk where you are asked for proof of identification, passports or papers. Reason for visit reasons for stay. Other places you may just have a key to your rooms. Some are self-catering others you might be catered for, cared for.

Some hotels the workers are on strike, no room service, beds not changed, Rm’s not cleaned and laundry is piling up. Rubbish on the streets could one day be taken away.

The new hotels are being developed some are being closed down, some repossessed some people are pulling them down blowing the walls apart. A site of contradiction, dereliction and construction, pathway and obstacles, despair and hope.
Destruction production.

The lift is disfunctional some walls are missing and the lift shaft has gone. The doors are still working. Inside the doors close and its like a lift anywhere with the possibility of going up or down travelling to another floor level, to your room.
Business, pleasure, rest or planning the next excursion or days work.

Walk out of the lift
Exchange spend some money, eat the money, eat the place swallow the room. My business your business, movement exchange rest cycle.

ideas of expansion and contraction. A proposal or a rendition of an existing or imaginary location.
Changes in scale, an expansion and contraction linking to a sense of breathing. Breathing buildings as a lift rises and falls pushing and pulling the air in the lift shaft. The exhale and inhale of cushions as they are sat on and left.
Expansion as a form of construction building up, sideways and underneath the contraction as walking around and through these forms. No longer immersive live within and without the form.

With out a form is senseless.

The lift without walls and a shaft seems to hold its breath.

A fake concrete lift shaft and lift entrance appears on the ground floor of a Berlin apartment block. Architecturally false, disfunctional, an attempt at traversing the floors above and below. Filled with the debris and thrown away articles of the residents of these floors. A collage of layering, time, unwanted accumulation, wanted the residue of collation.

Scale of a room
Scale of a box
Scale of flesh
Scale of building

Contrast study with Diverse Materials
Just prior to construction the drawings, studies. Movement Restraint Clothing. Movement
The accumulation of materials whose form suggests a fluid state of process, traces of human activity and histories seeping out. A momentary delay/ potentialities of form.

‘Edit’ is a short DVD detailing some moment of confusion and frustration of a self-enforced or imposed containment. The feathers attempting a softness in relation to a harsh rawness of an activity.
Like a miniature snow shaker where the model has been pushed to a larger scale into something less fantastical, more real.

The coffee shops